At ImplementationWorks, the range of services is designed to support you in your change and implementation needs. Applied change management and implementation is a practical approach to supporting the people in your organisation through the change process which means we take a practical approach to support you, too. 

You may know exactly what support you need, or you may need clarity on that too. We will identify the best and most effective way of implementing your change together through clear conversations which are followed up by a transparent statement of work defining scope and responsibilities. ImplementationWorks aims to be easy and practical to work with from day one and will only focus on activities that get you to business as usual faster.

1. Consulting on your change and implementation management

Have you identified an area of change, planned a portfolio of projects to implement or have a strategy for your organisation but aren’t sure how to design your approach? ImplementationWorks can support by providing insight and expertise on where to start and how to get your best outcomes from your change and implementation approach- getting you to business as usual faster.

2. Change & implementation done with you:

For those departments or organisations who have a dedicated resource of a change and implementation team but would like some support on designing the approach and part of the delivery. By providing expertise in effective change and implementation management I can support both in designing your approach with you and by supporting your teams, getting them ready to facilitate the approach we design together.

3. Change & implementation done for you:

You may have a plan, a portfolio or change coming for which you need support, however there is no internal change & implementation team in your organisation. I am happy to help with everything from the design of the approach and activities needed, to the facilitation and implementation of the change approach in an end-to-end service delivered by ImplementationWorks.

Pro Bono/Charity Support

ImplementationWorks focuses on getting to business as usual faster, reducing the cost of implementation of projects and changes in an organisation. 

Nowhere is this more important than in non profit organisations and charities. This is why I offer the same support for these organisations as I do for any other, free of charge. 

I dedicate up to 20% of my work time to support nonprofits and charities in the hope that reducing their implementation costs means they can invest the saved resources where they and the people they support need it most