Getting you to business as usual faster by using applied change and implementation activities.

Whether you are looking for general consulting on your implementation approach, wanting support as you create your change approach, or looking for someone to carry out the creation and facilitation of activities, ImplementationWorks can help.

Areas of practice and expertise include:

Change management and implementation of projects ranging from small local approaches to global efforts

Implementation and change management of reorganisations from local team mergers to international transformations

Integration of project and change management into an effective portfolio approach

Leadership support in developing and implementing change in various departments

Increasing sales through applied change activities for teams implementing new ways of selling or new products to the market

What is applied change management?

ImplementationWorks uses applied change and implementation management. This is a practical approach which moves away from traditional change management workshops and instead uses activities integrated with the daily work of the organisation and impacted groups.

All activities are embedded in your organisation's routine work and in the project approach you chose: from waterfall to agile, ImplementationWorks can support with applied change and implementation management.

More resources

If you are interested in reading more about applied change management and how this approach can be used to get to business as usual faster, please have a look at the article page of our website. 

If listening is more your style, try the ImplementationWorks podcast “Applied Change Management” on Spotify or click the link below to take you to a list on our site. 

Whichever way you prefer, I hope you enjoy what you find.